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Stylish Dance Unitards in USA

Boost your game with our contemporary unitards, biketards and unitard jumpsuits in USA. These are super popular in dance studios and gyms as they're comfy, flexible, and let you move freely.

Discover our collection where comfort, style, and performance come together to make your dance moves and workouts even more epic. Perfect for those on the go, our collection is bursting with energy, ahead in fashion trends, and empowers you to excel. Browse now. 

Unitards vs. Biketards – What’s the Difference? 

A unitard is a mix between a leotard and tights, creating a sleek and smooth look. This all-in-one outfit covers your whole body like a jumpsuit, and is made for a range of activities such as dance, various sports, and performing on stage. Our pieces come in different styles, such as tank tops or long sleeves, offering various arm and leg lengths. 

A biketard for dance, also known as a shortard, is often worn for dancing or gymnastics. It’s a bit shorter, stopping just above your knees or around your mid-thigh. They're like a middle ground between a ballet unitard and shorts, giving you the best of both worlds for your routines and practice. Think of a leotard with shorts attached. 

Gymnastics Biketards – Available in Sizes 4 Girls to XL Ladies 

Dancers, gymnasts, and athletes love our unitard activewear as it allows for extra comfort and leg movement. Wear it under a hoodie or match it with a skirt or shorts. Our collection is perfect for uniforms, dance and sport. With breathable materials and adjustable straps, there’s no way you won’t look and feel your best once you put it on. 

Available in red, pink, blue and black, our Zen unitard jumpsuit is a customer favourite and an absolute must-have. The cool design is super versatile and can be styled in so many cool ways. Browse now. 

Get Your Hands on Girls Unitard Costumes 

CosiG Studiowear is a top-notch Australian brand known for our dance and activewear, and we’re making waves in the dance community. Here you’ll find a wide range of dance outfits and costumes, including our leotards, activewear, crop tops, costumes, swimwear and more. 

Buy unitards for dance with our collection today, with shipping across the U.S.

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